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The class pass is 5 for $60 and 10 for $100.

All classes are held at: Academy Ballroom ATL / 800 Miami Circle / Atlanta, GA 30324

Please be sure to mention to the receptionist (Toka or Chasity) that you are there for Myron when checking in. You will be paying Myron directly and not the studio. Thanks a bunch!

Who is Smoove Salsero?

Myron “Smoove Salsero” Abernathy is one of Atlanta’s best salsa dancers and instructors. Having been trained by some the best in the salsa community, he is very passionate about salsa and enjoys sharing that passion with others, whether it's through social dancing, performing, or teaching. A continuous student of the dance, Myron is always hungry to be inspired and inspire others.

Having been an instructor since 2007 and dancing since 2002, Myron is very serious about his craft. He takes pride in making sure that his students receive his all from him so that they have what they need to succeed on the dancefloor. He is one of the nicest, smoothest, most patient instructors in Atlanta. Myron has a great skill of passing along valuable information at a rate beginners love. He will help you get a sound foundation on the fundamentals of salsa. His is experience is over 10 years of salsa dancing and his beginners lessons are becoming the next hottest thing. Whether it's basic footwork, styling, musicality, technique, or just plain having fun, his students will be sure they will get the most out of their salsa dancing.

In July 2007, Myron and partner Jacenta Cobb took 1st place in Flamingo Prodcutions' Latin Elegance Salsa Competition. He has also performed with his dance company E.P.I.C. Dance at venues such as Jimmy Rumba’s Salsa Jam in Atlanta, GA, “Spicy Salsa” in Athens, GA, 1st Fridays at Tropicabana in Augusta, GA, and Dance 101’s “Incarnation” and “Koru” productions. He has also made appearances on MTV’s “ Quiero Mi Boda” and HGTV’s “House Hunters.” He currently performs with his partner Angelique Alvarez as the duo “Sabores Del Sur”.

Team Myron "Smoove Salsero" Abernathy

  • Myron Abernathy

  • Reverse cross-body

  • Copa

  • Reverse Copa

  • Hook Turn

  • Enchufe

Myron in Quiero Mi Boda


  • Myron is the best! What else can I say...he is definitely one of the best people and instructors I know. Myron loves what he does and definitely puts who he is into his dancing. Skillful, patient, kind, funny and personalbe are just some of the qualities that Myron exudes. I highly recommend him as a salsa instructor and am also happy to call him a friend.

    Angela C. Smith, Salsa Student/Friend


Check out some of Smoove Salsero's featured videos here and on YouTube.

Performing with E.P.I.C. Dance at Alliance Theatre (Atlanta, GA)

Performing with E.P.I.C. Dance at 14th St Playhouse (Atlanta, GA)

Dancing w/ Kiara Febles (Providence, RI)

Dancing w/ Kiara Febles (Providence, RI)


In the words of Smoove Salsero...

Sweatin' The Technique

A few years ago, I was watching an episode of one of the few TV shows I religiously watch, America's Best Dance Crew. This particular season, Omarion was one of the judges, along with JC Chasez and Lil' Mama (what qualifies her to be a dance judge is beyond me, but anyway). Above is a clip of a particular exchange between Omarion and JC that still sticks out to me to this day...

The Dance In You...The REAL You

It is often said that dance, like other forms of art, is a form of self-expression. I mentioned in a previous blog how, even as a dancer, I wasn't quite sure I knew what this really meant. Of course, there are times when we feel joy, sadness, fear, rage; emotions that can be translated clearly and vividly through our movements.

Putting YOU Into It

The other night, I received a compliment from one of my salsa buddies that really stood out to me. He had watched me teach several times, but had never actually watched me dance. He told me that, while he was very impressed with my dancing, he noticed something different about me.

The PRKD (Puerto Rican Kitchen Dancer) By Richie Deguia

The other night, I received a compliment from one of my salsa buddies that really stood out to me. He had watched me teach several times, but had never actually watched me dance. He told me that, while he was very impressed with my dancing, he noticed something different about me.

Worst. Students. EVER.

For most people, learning something new can be a very daunting task. It’s even worse when you’re learning in the company of others. Worse yet, is when this “something new” is learning how to dance. Some more than others (or some, not at all, apparently), we all seem to have this fear of making fools of ourselves.

Chick Flicks & Salsa

Even if you're a guy and you can't stand chick flicks, you've undoubtedly heard of the infamous movie and the book that it's based on, "He's Just Not That Into You." Being the inquisitive young man that I am, I've never shied away from books and magazines that were aimed towards helping women understand men. I figured, knowing what people are telling women about us men will do nothing but help.

"Just Feel The Music"

We've all heard the phrase "just feel the music" in regards to dancing salsa. But what does this phrase really mean? If I'm a beginner in a salsa class and someone tells me to "feel the music," how exactly do I put this into practice? How can I tell when I'm doing it? I think that such a thing as "feeling the music" is a lot easier said than done.

Rules of Rejection

They say that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. While that is true, I'd like to add one more to the list of life's certainties: Rejection. Why rejection? Because we've all been told "no" at some point in our lives. It's one of the first words we hear as young children, no matter how spoiled we were. This rings no truer than when dealing with the opposite gender.

PCD: Post Congress Depression

Yep. It's Monday. Again. Just the thought of Monday is enough to depress most people. However, for me, this particular Monday is depressing for more than the usual reasons. I'm suffering from a disorder that we salser@s call "Post Congress Depression", or PCD for short.

If The Dance Floor Was A Highway...

...we'd all be DEAD. That's the conclusion I've come to recently in regards to my adventures in salsa land. While the overall issue here is something that I've noticed for quite some time, only recently have I made this connection. What issue am I speaking of? Lack of floorcraft on the dancefloor.

The Evolution of SMOOVE: My Salsa Story

.Being a young man of non-Hispanic descent, I'm often asked "how did you get into salsa?" I'm pretty sure many of you who have stumbled upon my blog here or know of me otherwise have wondered the same thing. Since I haven't blogged in half of a forever, I decided I'd take some time out to share with you all my "salsa story."

"Traditional" Salsa Attire

I can recall several times where at various gigs, the people I end up working for ask me and whomever I dance with to dress in "traditional" salsa attire, or in something "salsa-ish". When I hear those terms, I really can't help but scoff at it in my mind because I get the feeling that these people don't really know what they're asking for.

But He Has Two Left Feet...

So I gave my business card to a young lady yesterday evening as she was trying to sell me some Mother's day gift baskets. After the initial "OOOOH, YOU TEACH SALSA?!?!", her next statement was something I had heard more times than I can count.

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